Sumo Gigantor Corduroy
Raspberry Red

Sumo Gigantor Corduroy

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Corduroy Beanbag Chair Washing Care

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Sumo Oversized Bean Bags

At Sumo Lounge, our job is to make sure you are comfortable. Have we ever passed the test with the Sumo Gigantor!

These oversized bean bags are the coolest chairs to ever come from a furniture store. Sumo oversized bean bags are so incredible they will make everyone who sees them instantly jealous. In fact, we are sure that when people see your Gigantor, they will instantly flock to the nearest computer and pick up their own bean bag. Here are a few reasons why our oversized bean bags rule:

Sumo oversized Bean Bags = Comfort + Style

Our oversized Bean Bag Chairs measure 183cm diameter x 91cm high

Soft and stylish corduroy bean bag cover

Several hugely popular color choices for your oversized bean bag chair

Stays fluffy and full, will never go flat

Our oversized Bean Bags can fit two or more people

Made with 100% Polyurethane Foam

Sumo Lounge is far and away the best bean bag store and the place where you will get the best prices for the best bean bag furniture. There is no point in going to a retail store or somewhere else online – they all markup their prices and sell inferior furniture. Be a trendsetter and pick up a Sumo Gigantor today and get your shipping for free!

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